• Suitable Jewelry for Women of Every Age Group

    Suitable Jewelry for Women of Every Age Group
    Being a woman, no matter what your age is, it is bound to happen that you love jewelry. Starting from little girls who love to sneak into their mom’s cupboard to try out dresses and jewelry to dress up like a princess, to aged women. Jewelry is the most important part of any look as it amplifies the aura and the style sense of...
  • 9 Trendy Women Accessories ideas in 2021

    9 Trendy Women Accessories ideas in 2021
    You do not require any occasion to make a style statement. If you have style, people will notice. And, if your style is good enough, people will follow you. Speaking of jewelry, there are already numerous trends that are currently rocking the market. But, if you take a closer look, you will always find something that can start a new trend. All you need...
  • 7 Jewelry Myths Debunked

    7 Jewelry Myths Debunked
    Jewelry is one of those few things that have been a strong part of human culture and tradition for years and centuries. With the flow of time, every era has introduced their kind of jewelry as the taste for jewelry types, and natural stone jewelry types to specify, has changed and evolved. This change has invoked numerous stories, myths as well as misconceptions. Let’s...
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