Magnetic Belly Button Ring - Faux Belly Barbell

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This is a set of two magnetic balls and 2 magnetic barbell.

Each set consists of strong and high-quality magnets. If you don't want piercing, and want to try first how the piercing will look, this is a perfect choice to try on. These do not replace real piercing hence not recommended for regular day routine. T

he supporting magnets that are holding the spherical ball are strong and will not let the ball magnets move with light movement. And Since the magnets are strong please let your body be the better judge on how long you should keep these on.

Perfect for pose and photo shoots. - Each set comes with 2 spherical magnet balls, 2 high strength magnets and 2 medium strength so depending upon your desire for a strong hold or loose, you can attach the magnets.

Colored Ball is 5mm in diameter and is nickel plated. If you have any allergy with Nickel, these may cause that allergy too. Available in 16 colors!!


Please note:

Keep them away from Kids Do not swallow.

Take extra care when handling

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