Jewelry Trend in 2021: Belly Button Rings

Navel piercing was long gone and people hardly came across anyone who had lately pieced their belly buttons in the last two decades. But, not any more. Belly button rings are back, and this time with a twist.

Yes, that’s right, this time it is not necessary to dig a hole in your belly button to wear a beautiful belly button ring. Also, there is a distinct change in the designs too. This time, the trend is to go with a more minimalistic touch and muted gold hoops.

So, let’s check out the best belly button rings that you’ll find in the market right now.

The Best Belly Button Rings Of 2021

1. Belly Button Ring with Stunning Clear CZ Crystals

This stunning belly button ring is the best accessory for a perfectly toned belly. Featuring clear CZ crystals, these belly button rings enhance the beauty of your chiseled belly with their stunning design. And, the best part, this stunning piece is available in two different patterns, a rose god and a silver.



 2. Dangle Belly Button Ring with stunning Clear CZ crystals

This is another beautiful design that features a dangle design along with marvelous clear CZ crystals. This is a fan favorite design which is considered among the best designed belly button rings. Moreover, it is also available in three different colors, rose gold, silver and gold.



3. Butterfly Belly Button Ring with Silver and Rose Gold Finish

A beautiful butterfly design for your perfectly toned belly. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, that’s what you get in this beautiful belly button ring. It features a beautiful butterfly design and comes in two color variants which are, silver and rose gold.



4. Flower Dangle Belly Ring

A cost-effective, yet stunning design, what else can be a better pick than such a pretty belly button ring? Featuring a beautiful floral design, accompanied with perfectly carved crystals. This is a pretty small design which is an instant favorite of any jewelry lover. Available in two colors, rose gold and silver, this design will just cost you a mere $8.99.




5. Lotus Shaped Dangle Belly Ring

Have a thing for lotus? This you would definitely not wish to miss this beautiful belly button ring out. Yes, this belly button ring with a stunning dangling design is designed in the shape of a lotus. Not just that, its beauty is enhanced by amazing clear crystals that make it a perfect pick for you.  And, the best part, it costs just a mere $8.99.




6. Fox Belly Button Ring

This is probably the most unique design in our list. Yes, this amazing belly button ring features a fox along with a round shaped stone. It is a one-of-a-kind design and you might not find it in every online jewelry store. Also, this design comes to you with a surprise. Yes, this beautiful design is available in a discounted price for just $7.99.



7. CZ Belly Button Ring with Surgical Steel

Made with surgical steel, this spectacular belly button ring is the best pick for them who have a thing for linear designs. Studded with stunning CZ crystals, it will definitely enhance the beauty of your belly. Also, with this design, you get to choose between a couple of different colors which are rose gold and silver. Why not give it a try?

So, if you are already in love with these designs and wondering where to buy belly button rings like this then you are at the right place as all these designs are available at Kreative Kreations. We are the best place to buy belly button rings, aren’t we?

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