The most popular necklace trends in 2021

Jewelry is the most versatile companion to all the fashion lovers. Adding a finishing touch to your look by wearing a statement piece can uplift any outfit instantly.  Fashion lovers are eager to show off their styles with their shiny metals, crystals and gemstones embedded in their necklaces. We often try to copy our favorite celebrities when it comes to fashion. The great thing is that we can follow our favorite celebrity’s style now in a budget, all credits goes to the jewelry world.  Some mesmerizing necklaces which are also worn by famous personalities and are now in trend are –

1. Choker necklaces


The choke necklaces are available in many variants. The chain stands apart from the rest as it is 45cm long. The metal they use is silver plated with rose gold. It hangs quite low on the body. These Choker necklaces are all hand made. At Kreative Kreationsus, we follow strict rules not to harm the environment with our products. We also follow basic ethical business practices.


    2. Layered Necklaces

      Layered necklaces are another popular type of necklaces that are in trends in 2021. The layered necklaces are one of the selection that made out of different styles. It is able to create different outfit because it can be matched with different clothes. It can also make the necklace look more elegant if it's worn on formal occasions or event.

      The layered necklaces are available in all types of materials so you can find your favorite necklace type easily. Some people prefer choosing gold jewelry while others prefer turquoise stone necklace as their favorite one.


      These necklaces are exclusive in design and when worn can get you the perfect attention. They come in a variety of styles including Zodiac signs, runes, and celestial patterns for both men and women. Wearing a necklace with your zodiac sign or star sign can offer a unique look or be useful as a conversation starter. Whether you're looking to spice up your style or provide the perfect insight into your character, these necklaces can heighten its appeal.


        4. Mustard seed necklaces

        Mustard seed necklaces
        are definitely a hit among fashion lovers. Bright and colorful, the seed is also a symbol of good luck and wealth. Plus, once you pop them on, they're pretty easy to put on. This article will offer you information on how to make your own mustard seed necklace, as well as some jewelry that can help you get started if you're just beginning. You'll also find info on what kind of designs and colors can be used with your mustard seed necklace design.


          5. Pendant necklaces


          If you have a spiritual side and also a jewelry lover then this is the perfect choice for you. This neck piece is made up of rafaelian, with a rose gold finish. The antique look comes from an oxidation process and after coated with anti-tarnish. This three charm pendant comes with a dharma wheel, an elephant and a golden ray of colors. All these together combined are charm which symbolizes wisdom.


            6. Splendid pearls pendant necklaces


            This necklace is for those fashion lovers who are obsessed with pearls. It is made up of AAA quality fresh water cultured original pearls. These pearls are amazing in color, luster and smoothness. The necklace comes with a 18 inch long chain. The chain is also available in rose gold, yellow gold and sterling silver.


              Girls prefer adding an extra bling with their necklaces. Accessorizing like a celebrity has now been easy. With few essential neck pieces you can set a trend.

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