Mustard Seed Necklaces and Their Spiritual Significance

Mustard seeds are very small and tinny, but they have greater importance to people of Christian faith. Mustard seed is one of the strongest symbols mentioned in the bible. This is because there is a biblical passage where Jesus Christ mentioned that faith is as tiny as a mustard seed which can move mountains. Due to its religious meaning, it is a popular item depicting faith and belief among Christian wearers. Mustard seed necklaces are easy to make and also acts as a fashionable piece depicting style.

mustrad seed necklaces

It Represents Growth

It truly represents the ability of paramount faith in a wearer. It is often said that nothing will be impossible for the wearer if he or she wears a mustard seed necklace. It is strange isn’t it how a tiny minuscule mustard seed can be so powerful. A mustard seed represent growth, faith and dependence. Wearing a mustard seed necklace, the wearers understand the growth, which takes place when one learns to have faith and believe. The mustard seed overall represents faith to do anything. With faith, and even with the faith of mustard seed, everything is possible. We have the smallest inkling of faith, but faith has no limit. It gradually grows and expands and can be used by others to depend on it.

mustrad necklace

It Symbolizes Faith

Mustard seed symbolizes faith, god’s kingdom, humble beginning or change. A little faith, it can be as little as a small piece of mustard seed can move huge mountains. Mustard seed are used in different pagan rituals. These seeds are basically used to expel demons and overcome all obstacles. In Bible, it is stated that the kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which an unknown man took and sowed in his field, which is smaller than all the other seeds. But, when it was fully grown it became greater than the herbs, and became a huge tree, so that birds could come and lodge in the branches. Varieties of jewellery like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, are made of mustard seeds with faith and belief. It clearly represents a wearer’s personality and firm belief in god.

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