Birthstone As Per Your Zodiac Sign To Follow Good Luck 

Gone are the days when gold and diamond was used to attract all the eyes in the party room. Today, jewelleries are exclusively crafted with numerous stones as per the desire and requirement of every individual to set a class apart fashion statement while keeping good luck and stars in count. 
Scrolling through Instagram or generally surfing through the internet makes us come across some of the most alluring jewellery websites that make us grab our cards and add the products to our cart right away. If the thought of shopping rate stones to give off a boho vibe excites you as much as it excites us, imagine getting double benefit from the same stone. Yes folks, believe it or not, the majority of the decisions in our lives are influenced by what we wear. 

Many of you would be wondering about what birthstones actually are? Does it really have an impact on our daily lives, from minute to some of the major decisions that we take in our lives are nothing but an influence of what our stars have for us. “A birthstone is a gemstone that acts as a symbol of a month of birth by proving to be especially useful for a particular zodiac. 

It might come as a shock when we start reading about all the benefits that an individual can get by putting on a simple stone, seems mesmerising, doesn’t it? If you have a spiritual friend, ancestors or generally anyone who loves to set a different fashion statement, surprise them with their birthstones carved in modern jewelleries in this festive season. Let’s move forward and take a look at the birthstones according to every zodiac without wasting any time. 

Aquarius ( Jan 20- Feb 18) 

The starting of the zodiac births the most independent creatures who know how to push their life forward without begging for help from people. The progressive nature marked with utter intelligence and the elemental sign that lingers in the air makes them unique. Usually seen to have an offbeat fashion statement, an Aquarius should have a jewellery carved with Garnet to brighten your luck. 
Birthstone for Aquarius- Garnet.

Pisces (February 19 to March 20) 

With a down to earth attitude, there’s no one on this earth as emotional and understanding as a Pisces is. Combine all the nice things in the world and that would give you a Pisces out there but many times due to the kind nature and easy to be influenced attitude, you get to make wrong decisions which brings betrayal home. It is highly recommended for a Pisces to wear Amethyst, Hyacinth and Pearl to help refrain from bad decisions and influences. 
Birthstones for Pisces- Amethyst, Hyacinth and Pearl. 

Aries ( Mar 21 to Apr 20) 

A perfect amalgamation of passion and desire with burning fire to give whatever it takes sums up the thoughts of all the Aries out there. The relentless determination and the cheerful disposition makes an Aries stand apart from all the other zodiacs out there. However, at times when things get out of control, you lose it and start making bad decisions, make sure to choose Jasper, Bloodstone, Aquamarine amongst numerous other stones. 

Birthstone for Aries- Jasper, Bloodstone, Aquamarine

Taurus ( Apr 21 to May 20) 

If you see a person who is hard from the outside but soft and sweet from the inside, yeah folks that’s a Taurus standing right in front of you. Ruled by the planet Venus, a Taurus is beautiful, affectionate, lovable and full of life. To give your kindness a shield to protect from all the negative eyes, it is advisable to wear Diamond and Sapphire

Birthstones For Taurus- Diamond and Sapphire

Gemini (May 21 to Jun 20) 

A perfect blend of sarcasm and intellect, a Gemini will always try to be the smartest in the room by cracking unusual wits but shocking you at the very next moment with their strong determination and passion. From dancing madly on the floor to leading the group in the corporate world, a Gemini is known to be quite a slayer. For best results, a person of this zodiac should always choose pearl, Aquamarine and Moonstone. 

Birthstones For Gemini- Pearl, Aquamarine and Moonstone. 

Cancer (Jun 21 to Jul 22) 

Known to be the most sensitive zodiac of all the signs, a cancer is the kindest of them all. With the heart of gold and determination of metal, there’s nothing that can stop a Cancer from getting it if he/she has determined to get it. Gems for a cancer to grab are- Ruby, Amber and Alexandrite. 

Birthstones For Cancer-  Ruby, Amber and Alexandrite. 

Leo (Jul 23 to Aug 23) 

There’s nothing more fierce than a Leo, and when we say it, trust us. The fiery compassion, burning desire and the will power to shake the entire world, there’s no doubt why it is said that only a Leo has the audacity to rule the world. Beauty at its rawest form, a Leo can however get out of their form, in order to keep your stars aligned, a Leo is advised to buy Onyx, Ruby and Peridot are the best stones for people of this zodiac. 

Birthstones For Leo- Onyx, Ruby and Peridot 

Virgo (Aug 24 to Sep 22) 

Always staying close to the earth, a prideful person who likes to have a systematic approach towards. An artsy person who paints the world in red and blue, a Virgo should always try to wear Blue Sapphire, Sardonyx and Carnelian for best results. 

Birthstones For Virgo- Blue Sapphire, Sardonyx and Carnelian. 

Libra (Sept 23 to Oct 23) 

Ruled by Venus, a planet that is known for beauty, fame, love and wealth, a Libra is born to have it all. The people of this zodiac strive to maintain an equilibrium in life which is a much needed factor in their life. The true appraisals of high art, intellectualism and outgoing nature that they possess, a Libra will always have everyone’s heart. For better luck, a person from this zodiac should wear Opal, Sapphire and Tourmaline

Birthstones For Libra- Opal, Sapphire and Tourmaline

Scorpio (Oct 24 to Nov 22)

Just like its spirit animal, a  Scorpio, the people from this zodiac possess deep determination to hold onto the worthy things in life. A Scorpio loves to have strategic planning for everything they run by the 3 P plan that is- Passionate, persistent and a person of principles. The gems that every scorpion should get right away are- Topaz, Aquamarine and Pearl. 

Birthstones For Scorpio- Topaz, Aquamarine and Pearl. 

Sagittarius  (Nov 23 to Dec 20) 

If you ever meet almost a Ted optimistic person, call dibs on that person right away. Known for their honesty, a person of this zodiac can be summed up in a few words which are wild, feisty, independent and exciting. A Sagittarius must wear Turquoise and Blue Topaz for best results ever. 

Birthstones For Sagittarius- Turquoise and Blue Topaz

Capricorn (Dec 21 to Jan 19) 

Capricorn or the horned goat are people of high goals, people who believe in hustling are no one else but Capricorn. You do not dare to mess with a Capricorn or tell them what to do cause they are born to make their own rules. The stones exclusively made for people of this zodiac are- Ruby and Garnet. 

Birthstones For Capricorn- Ruby and Garnet. 

So fellas, what are you waiting for? Make sure to give your zodiac a read and pick the stones carved in jewellery that is crafted by Kreative Kreations. Who said we can not take Instagram by storm by showing off our fashionable jewellery and help our stars stay in place, inviting good luck, fame and wealth to us? Make sure to explore the impeccable collection and choose your desired product in a tap. 

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