7 Jewelry Myths Debunked

Jewelry is one of those few things that have been a strong part of human culture and tradition for years and centuries. With the flow of time, every era has introduced their kind of jewelry as the taste for jewelry types, and natural stone jewelry types to specify, has changed and evolved. This change has invoked numerous stories, myths as well as misconceptions. Let’s check out a few myths about jewelry and debunk them.


1. Gold Comes in Various Colors

There is a popular conception among people about the color of gold. Although, the reality is far from what we perceive. The natural gold is always of the color yellow. However, we find several variants of gold in the shops which are white gold, rose gold etc. These are nothing but alloys of gold, and definitely not pure. White gold is the combination of nickel and palladium in gold, whereas rose gold is the amalgamation of silver, copper and gold.


2. The 12 Gemstones Came From The 12 Tribes of Israel

Every myth has its roots deeply dug in truth. The first Jewish Temple was established by King Solomon. The High Priest in the temple wore all 12 gemstones on his breastplate. They believed that these gemstones represent the 12 tribes of Jerusalem. And, from that people used to link these 12 gemstones with months. These stones were associated with months without any logical base. The modern birthstones were introduced in the late 19th century. So, if you are wearing any birthstone jewelry today, don’t throw them away. 


3. Pearls Can Dissolve In Vinegar

Yes, pearls can get dissolved in vinegar. But, the main reason behind it is that pearls are porous. they are the most delicate precious gem among all others. And, this makes them get dissolved so easily. But, to be honest, the process of pearls getting dissolved in vinegar is very slow. Obviously crushing them down would make the process faster, though. But, the story of Cleopatra throwing pearls in her drink is nothing but an exaggeration. 


4. Sapphires Are Only Blue In Colour

The colour sapphire definitely refers to the color blue, and the word is a synonym of the cerulean shade, but that does not mean that sapphire stones are just blue in color. To be honest, sapphires come in several colors which can sometimes be far from blue. These color changes happen due to impurities present in them. The presence of titanium and iron makes sapphire blue. However, vanadium turns its color to purple and iron containing sapphire looks yellow.


5. Diamonds Are The World’s Rarest Gemstone

There is a popular belief among people that diamonds happen to be the rarest gemstone in the entire world. However, that is not completely true. They are definitely among the rarest of gemstones when compared to stones like rubies and sapphires and that is why they are priced a lot higher than those. But, it stands nowhere in terms of purity when the comparison is with panite, bixbyite, serendibite, benitoite, garnierite etc. 

rarest stones

6. The Size Of The Stone Is Directly Proportional To Its Price

This is another popular belief among people. They tend to think that the sizes of gemstones is directly proportional to their size, that means, the bigger the gemstone, the costlier it will be. But, in reality, the cost of a gemstone depends on four Cs, which are cut, color, carat, and clarity. A bad cut and less clear bigger diamond can cost less than a smaller diamond that

size of the stone

7. Diamonds Are Indestructible

Last but not least, this is the most widespread jewelry myth among all. Obviously diamonds are among the hardest and the most durable gemstones all across the globe. They also score 10 on Moh’s scale of hardness. To make things clearer, getting a 10 means that this stone cannot be scratched, but that does not mean that they cannot be cracked. Of course, diamonds can be cracked under extreme pressure and heat. 

diamonds are not indestructible


So, you see, things might not be the way they are perceived, these myths regarding gemstones, jewelry, natural stone jewelry and birthstone jewelry are definitely not true. Of course it is a good idea to invest money by purchasing jewelry. They are your asset but, you should always be aware of the facts. 

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